Indian man has a four-inch devil horn that ‘sprouted up’ his head after an injury


  • Indian farmer Shyam Lal Yadav was left with a lump on his head after he suffered a head injury in 2014.
  • The bump has begun to grow uncontrollably until it towered above the skull of the now 74-year-old farmer.
  • It was removed through surgery and a biopsy of the growth confirmed the horn as harmless.

An Indian farmer has had a four-inch devil horn removed from the top of his skull.

Shyam Lal Yadav, of Rahli village in Madhya Pradesh, suffered a head injury in 2014 which reportedly led to the formation of a rare cutaneous horn. Referred to as devil’s horn, it sprouted from his head and over five years escalated to the point where it towered above his skull.

The  74-year-old  farmer had been getting the growth trimmed down by his barber for years. But it began to grow uncontrollably that he finally sought medical help.

Photo Credit: Goal Post Media/SWNS
Photo Credit: Goal Post Media/SWNS

The horn is made out of keratin — a type of protein found in toenails and human hair.

The operation to remove the growth was performed at Bhagyoday Tirth Hospital in Sagar city.

“Around five years ago the patient had hurt his head after which a lump started growing,” Surgeon Dr. Vishal Gajbhiye said.

“Initially, he ignored it as it did not cause any discomfort. Also, he got the growth cut by the local barber. But, when the lump hardened and started growing further, he approached the hospital at Sagar,” the surgeon added.

Dr. Gajbhiye said the horn is composed of keratin which means it can be easily be removed with a sterile razor. However, the underlying condition will still need to be treated.

Yadav spent ten days in the hospital recovering from the surgery. A biopsy of the growth revealed the horn to be benign or harmless.

“Treatments vary, but they can include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy,” Dr. Gajbhiye said.

The doctor also said that after the horn’s removal, the skin was grafted on the wound which has now healed completely.

The cause of the growth is still undetermined, but it is believed that exposure to radiation or sunlight can lead to the condition.

The case has been sent to the International Journal of Surgery because of how rare this type of growth is, according to the doctors.

Source: Daily Mail Online

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