Indian Police Wear Coronavirus Helmets to Scare People into Taking the Outbreak Seriously [Video]


  • An artist in India created a coronavirus-themed headgear to help the police enforce the nationwide lockdown protocols in the nation.
  • The people in India downplay the risk that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to the country, ignoring security guidelines.
  • India announces a record of about 1,200 confirmed coronavirus cases with 32 deaths.

A police officer in India wears a hideous coronavirus helmet that looks like the microscopic image of the coronavirus — red spikes with bulbs on the end — to scare people into following lockdown protocols.

Art Kingdom founder B. Gowtham created the coronavirus-themed headgear after he noticed that people downplay the risk that the coronavirus pandemic has brought inside the country. He also noticed that people are “not hygienic enough.”

“We have government orders not to come out — but still, we’re seeing people roaming here and there without proper safety equipment, without masks,” he continued.

The artist decided to create the coronavirus-themed helmet for the public to see the face of the invisible virus, assuming that this untoward reaction to the threat of contracting the virus has transpired from not being able to imagine the virus itself.

The artist forwarded his idea for the nearest police station to use. “People will be frightened,” he explained. “They’ve been working continuously, so I wanted to reduce their workload and make people more aware.”

Following the go signal from the police department, Gowtham readied the headgear made from newspaper and tissue paper to hand over to the police inspector.

Police Inspector Rajesh Babu stops vehicles on the road at checkpoints wearing this coronavirus-themed headgear, especially targeting drivers, riders and pedestrians without face masks in the southern city of Chenna. He also lectures them on non-essential errands, the importance of social distancing, and wearing protective equipment while outside their houses.

“If you come out, I will come in,” he tells them.

As of this writing, India has recorded 1,200 confirmed coronavirus cases with 32 deaths, prompting the government to place the entire country under a 21-day lockdown. These lockdown protocols have confined 1.3 billion people inside their homes. The citizens can only go out for essential market or pharmacy runs.

Police officers on the streets in other Indian cities, including Bangalore, wear these coronavirus-themed headgears.

The data in this article is accurate as of publication. However, as the information relating to COVID-19 continues to change, it’s possible that some details have been updated since publication.

Source: New York Post

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  1. I say let them go out and get the virus and die! That’ll be one more group of pathetic idiots we won’t have to put up with!

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