Indiana Family May Be Evicted For Having Too Many Kids


  • The Rangel family were served an eviction notice by Rencon Property Management for violating occupancy rules, according to reports by CBS 2’s Jermont Terry.
  • When the family moved to their Lakewood Lane condo in 2017, there were only 2 children, but two more children were added over the years..
  • The two additions to the family did not comply with the new lease contract signed in September that stated only two people are allowed to occupy each of the two bedrooms in their home.

Despite being good tenants, a family may be forced to vacate their home in Schererville, Indiana, Jermont Terry of CBS 2 reported.

Back in 2017, Deborah Rangel along with her husband Eric and two sons Maximus and Lucius, moved into their 2-bedroom condo in Lakewood Lane. But now, the family has grown with two more children in addition-an 18-month-old baby and 9-month-old Julius. And there lies the problem.

According to the new lease they signed in September with Rencon Property Management, only up to two people can sleep in each of the two bedrooms.

“Our bedroom – we have the 5-year-old here, the 7-year-old here, and obviously the baby’s here,” Deborah Rangel said.

It is because of the extra babies that put them in violation of their lease terms.

Now, the family is in danger of eviction even though they pay their rent regularly and are not disruptive tenants.

Though Deborah is one among the many people who lost their jobs during the pandemic, getting thrown out from their home is her main concern.

“They want me to find a place within a week or a month,” she said. “I don’t know – I can’t find a job in the middle of pandemic. I lost my job because of it. My husband’s you know, barely working.”

The company notified the family of the violation in August, 2020 yet despite the renewed lease, they were issued an eviction notice in October.

CBS 2’s Terry sent an email to the company asking why they allowed the family to sign a new lease only to face eviction later. However, representatives for Rencon Management had not responded as of Tuesday evening.

“I have done nothing, nothing wrong except for having two extra babies,” Deborah said. 

An eviction hearing had been set for Wednesday. Rangel says she hopes the judge has something the company and the HOA have not shown.

“Have some compassion, compassion for a family with little babies,” Rangel pleaded while knowing of the possibility that her family will be forced out.

“Just try to be strong. It’s in God’s hands at this point,” she said.

According to Indiana’s eviction moratorium, certain evictions including those for other than failure to pay rent are allowed to resume.

Source: CBS Global

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