Indiana man accused of murdering and eating ex-girlfriend ruled mentally unfit for trial


  • The News and Tribune reported that Indiana resident Joseph Oberhansley, who allegedly killed and ate body parts of his ex-girlfriend in 2014, was regarded as incompetent to face trial.
  • According to a deal reached by his defense lawyers and prosecutors, Oberhansley will soon be hospitalized.
  • His defense attorney claimed that their client is mentally unfit based on his bizarre behavior in and out of court including not having a grasp of the procedures.

A man from Indiana accused of killing then eating parts of his former girlfriend’s body was found by a state psychiatrist not competent to face trial, the News and Tribune reported.

Following two assessments filed by psychiatrists in December, Joseph Oberhansley, 38, will be transferred to a state hospital as per an agreement reached by his defense attorneys and prosecutors.

Oberhansley, who had been in prison since September 2014, is accused of killing ex-girlfriend Tammy Jo Blanton in her Jeffersonville home, north of Louisville, Kentucky. According to the report, he allegedly broke into Ms. Blanton’s house, raped her, stabbed her to death, mutilated her body and ate her brain, heart and lungs.

His first trial in August was rendered invalid after a witness gave a testimony that was regarded as unacceptable. Oberhansley’s defense attorneys—Brent Westerfeld, Bart Betteau and Nick Karaffa—said the hospitalization was the best move.

“From the nature of the case itself — the accusations — and just Joseph’s behavior both in and out of court, there really is no question that he is incompetent. He can’t assist in his defense nor does he really have an understanding of the procedures,” they argued.

Prosecuting attorney for Clark County Jeremy Mull said he agreed to let Oberhansley be hospitalized in a move to speed up his trial and eventually deliver justice and closure to the family of the victim. Mull also contends that the case will go to trial and that Oberhansley will get convicted. Once convicted, Oberhansley will be sentenced to the death penalty for charges of murder, burglary and rape.


Source: New York Post

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