Influencer credits life-saving cancer diagnosis to TikTok viewers

Influencer credits life-saving cancer diagnosis to TikTok viewers [Video]

  • When Alex Griswold shared a video showing his bare back, TikTok viewers warned him that his moles might be cancerous.
  • He got them checked out, leading to a life-saving diagnosis and surgery.
  • He now credits his viewers for giving him a new lease on life.

TikTok has given us a fair share of worrying trends. But it has also spread some good ones, such as teaching everyone emergency hand signals. One TikTok influencer credits a life-saving cancer diagnosis to his viewers.

Back in 2019, Alex Griswold, 25, shared a video showing his wife, Melinda Griswold, rubbing his shirtless back.

Two viewers messaged him and warned him that the two moles on his back might be cancerous.

Griswold did not have reason to worry about his moles before, but he decided to listen to his viewers’ warning and get them checked. It turns out they were right — the moles were skin cancer.

In an update shared in 2020, Griswold shared, “The doctor was like, ‘Whoever told you probably saved your life’ — so because of two kind strangers, I avoided skin cancer and this is the perfect reminder that the world is a wonderful place.”


What do you think of my wound?

♬ Thanks Tik Tok – Alex Griswold


In a more recent update, Griswold told Jam Press, “After the video was posted, I also ended up having another mole removed in the same year. My doctor says that since I’ve already shown signs of atypical moles in the past, that I’ll have to always be monitoring my skin.”

The Florida-based creator and software developer said he is now getting regular checkups every six months and is maintaining a healthier routine, especially when out in the sun.

One of his viewers commented, “TikTok really out here saving lives.”

“I know that the video has helped others. I’ll occasionally have people reach out to let me know that they have also had moles removed after watching the video,” Griswold added.


Source: New York Post

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