Innocent man arrested 5 times in 3 days


  • In China, an innocent man was arrested five times in three days.
  • A criminal with a striking resemblance to the man escaped from prison and police offered a significant 700,000¥ reward.
  • The fugitive’s image was everywhere, prompting reward-seekers to report the man to the authorities no less than five times.

A Chinese man recently endured the worst week of his life after police arrested him five times in three days because of his uncanny resemblance to a prison escapee.

In October of this year, Zhu Xianjian escaped from a prison in Northeast China’s Jilin Province.

Authorities offered a 150,000¥ reward, later bumped to 700,000¥, for any information on the fugitive’s whereabouts.

Zhu quickly became a high-profile target in an area where the average monthly income is 2,000¥.

Unfortunately, Zhu’s unlucky doppelganger got the worst of it after police arrested him five times in three days.

Given the steep reward, Zhu’s photos quickly made news headlines on broadcasts across the province, essentially making him a walking target.

The man’s nightmare ended on November 28, when police finally arrested Zhu.

Source: Global Times

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