Instagram model with huge fake booty warns girls against illegal butt fillers


  • Model Courtney Barnes, popularly known on Instagram as Ms. Miami, warns her fans about the dangers of illegal butt fillers after her own fake booty started having complications.
  • Barnes said that her butt became “discolored” and started sagging “more than it used to.”
  • The Instagram model said that the cost of fixing her posterior is more than what she paid to get her artificial butt.

Instagram model Courtney Barnes warns her fans about the dangers in getting illegal butt fillers. The warning came after her massive butt became “discolored” and began sagging “more than it used to.”

Known on Instagram as Ms. Miami who has  824,000 followers, Barnes had her artificial booty at age 22 at “black market pumping parties.” Now 35, she fears what her fake posterior, measuring at 59 inches, are doing for her image and her mental and physical health, as well.

Appearing at of Barcroft’s “Hooked on the Look” series, Barnes said, “I’m ready to look like the girl next door. I’m tired of being a victim of bullying on social media just because of the way I look.”

Ms. Miami added that people always try to take a photo of her butt, making her wish she hadn’t gotten the fillers.

“I just want people to see more as Courtney,” she said. “OK, I may look like a circus freak because my booty is big like this, but I just want people to see me for me.”

A plastic surgeon who examined Barnes said that the model was even lucky her illegal cosmetic procedure hadn’t resulted in severe medical issues.

“We see a lot of complications with that,” said Dr. Gonzalo Mosquera.”

“She’s definitely had illegal injections of polymer, which is a very sad, common thing that occurs in [the Miami] area,” the doctor said.

Mosquera added that some people who had illegal injections may later suffer from pain, or will have a hard time sleeping or sitting.

Barnes agreed to get a specialist for corrective surgery.

“The cost of fixing my butt is more than what I paid to get this butt, it’d be well over $20,000,” said Barnes, according to The Sun.

Now, Ms. Miami is warning others, especially girls, against illegal injections.

 “Just because it looks good does not mean it’s healthy,” she said on “Hooked on the Look,” to a group of young women interested in getting the procedure. “And I just want to say don’t do it. Don’t do it!”

Barnes also authored a book that talks about her plight, aptly titled “I Am Not My Body, But I Wanted a Bigger Butt.”


Source: New York Post

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