Internet rallies around man who won’t let parents move in after they kicked him out years ago


  • A man posted to Reddit’s “Am I The A**Hole” forum, asking users if he was in the wrong for not allowing his estranged parents to move in with him.
  • His parents kicked him out when he was 17 after he told them he didn’t want to be a doctor.
  • They had briefly reconnected after nearly two decades.

A Reddit user shared that after almost two decades, his estranged parents want to move in. In a now-viral entry, a man writing under the username u/OutrageousIndian posted to Reddit’s “Am I The A**Hole” forum.

The man explained that his parents kicked him out when he was 17 over not wanting to become a doctor.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, they reconnected after 17 years. The man learned his parents would be moving back to Sydney, Australia, where he lived.

“During the last 2 years they never asked me how my acting career / social media stuff went, and basically assumed I was just slumming in it Sydney,” he wrote. “To their credit they were correct in that I didn’t ‘make it big’ in acting [maybe the world wasn’t ready for a main stream leading role Indian…], or make it at all. I did however ‘make it big’ as an investment banker and recently made partner at the bank I work.”

The poster explained that multi-generational households are common and that parents typically live with their eldest child.

He said though his parents were moving back because of his mom’s “$750k a year job,” they realized the area was out of their price range.

He met up with his parents to go house hunting, and after the unfortunate revelation, they went back to his house before dinner.

“When we arrived at my house they thought I was renting a room and enquired how much rent was,” he wrote. “I informed them that I wasn’t renting and that this was my house.”

“They lost their [s**t], accusing me of lying to them for years and only meeting up to rub their face in my ‘probably illegally gained’ wealth, and capped it off by informing me that they’ll be living with me now instead of with my oldest brother, since they can’t be seen living in a worse house then their son.”

“At that point they threatened to ‘cut me out of their will,’ to which I reminded them of the fact that they can’t even afford to buy it my area, so their will and assets don’t really matter to me,” he wrote.

Users quickly flooded the post with comments expressing support for the son’s decision.

“Long line of doctors but still gold digging, they didn’t care about you but only what you make,” one Reddit user wrote. “Good on you for what you did.”

“​​NTA they didn’t care about you for 17 years,” another wrote. “They don’t get to benefit from your success now.”

Source: Newsweek

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