Internet sleuths think they found Matt Damon’s ‘secret’ Instagram


  • Eagle-eyed internet users believe they found Matt Damon’s Instagram account.
  • The star revealed in an interview with GQ that he ran a “very private Instagram account.”
  • The few details he provided led internet sleuths to what they believe is the actor’s Instagram.

Elementary, my dear Damon.

Internet detectives believe they found Matt Damon’s secret Instagram account.

Damon recently had an in-depth interview with GQ, wherein he revealed that he has a “very private Instagram account.” The Good Will Hunting star has a well-documented aversion to social media, so he only uses his undercover account to keep up with friends and family. Youngsters typically refer to this type of account as a “finsta” — short for “fake Instagram.”

However, the few seemingly insignificant details he provided about his account were enough to provide a trail of breadcrumbs for internet sleuths.

“I have 76 followers, and I’ve done 40 posts since 2013,” Damon said.

Almost immediately, a Twitter user posted that they’d cracked the case.

“I found Matt Damon’s finsta, and honestly, it shouldn’t have taken an hour,” tweeted one eagle-eyed internet user along with a screenshot of a profile.

The not-so-inconspicuous username (an anagram of Matt Damon) tipped off the amateur detectives. Also, a few verified celebrities follow the modest-looking account, including Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal.

Never underestimate the power of the internet.

Source: NY Post

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