iPhone 13 Rumored to Have Always-On Display, Astrophotography Capabilities

  • Though the iPhone 12 is only a few months old, rumors of Apple’s next iPhone have already been making themselves known.
  • The iPhone 13 may feature an always-on OLED screen, new and interesting camera features, and stronger MagSafe magnets for accessories.
  • None of the rumors have been confirmed by Apple, so it’s all just speculation for now.

Max Weinbach, a well-known tech leaker, shared on his YouTube channel EverythingApplePro that aside from new camera features, the iPhone 13 could have an always-on OLED screen that has a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Weinbach describes this feature, which will be similar to Android phones now, as a “toned down lock screen” that will feature the clock and battery charge. When they arrive, notifications will pop up temporarily.

Apple iPhones currently use LCD screens which need to power up the whole screen to display anything. However, OLED tech will allow the device to power up just the specific pixels needed to display the needed info. Also, the 120Hz refresh rate could be limited to the Pro models of the iPhone 13.

Weinbach also detailed some camera upgrades that may come with the new phone. Portrait Mode, which blurs the image’s background to focus on a subject, could be made available for videos. Also, if you’re a fan of taking pictures of the night sky, the camera will have a mode dedicated to astrophotography. Now those pictures of the stars and the moon can come out looking great instead of looking like tiny blurry lights.

Other than that, Weinbach said he doesn’t expect much change to the physical frame of the iPhone. The MagSafe magnets used to attach phone chargers and other accessories will also be stronger to better hold these accessories in place.

Still, it’s all just speculation. Apple hasn’t confirmed any of these details.

Source: CNET

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