Iran’s President To Trump: “Don’t Play With Fire Or You Will Regret”


  • Saber-rattling is nothing new,especially considering our genius in the White House.If necessary,Israel herself could swat Iran like a fly.Trump is the visitation of chastisement from Heaven for our sins.

  • Well with as many times as the U.S. has threatened military
    action with Iran. And with Trump pulling the U.S. out of the
    multinational P5+1 deal. A decade of negotiations which the
    U.S. joined in 2006. Rouhani’s statement seems pretty innocuous.

  • The logic and the world is at odds with American values. If war is what is needed to solve these problems than Trump needs to carry that “big stick” and spank those against human rights and freedom. With experience and age comes wisdom. Seems that Iranian government values are still in the “dark ages”. Government is at the top of the human pyramid and the people must support it or collapse at the foundation. History has shown that the people must b e happy or revolution occurs.

    In forty years I have met several Iranians and they have stories of the oppression in their country a normal American would not believe. Support the people not the government.

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