Israel reports first ZERO daily COVID-19 fatality in 10 months [Video]


  • On Thursday, Israel recorded its first zero case of COVID-19 related fatality for the first time since June 2020.
  • The nation is on its way to achieving herd immunity after registering the highest vaccination rate worldwide.
  • Israel used Pfizer-BioNTech produced COVID-19 vaccines, and has already inoculated more than majority of its adult population.

As Israel continues to amplify its nationwide vaccination rollout, the country did not have a single, daily COVID-19 fatality for the first time in 10 months.

On Thursday, data from the health ministry showed that Israel’s COVID-19 death toll was steady at 6,346. The country last reported of zero COVID-19 deaths last June 2020 when it imposed strict lockdown restrictions.

The number of new cases significantly dip after the virus resurgence this January. As inoculation’s drive became broader and more efficient, the government began to loosen the lockdowns.

“This is a tremendous achievement for the health system and Israeli citizens. Together we are eradicating the coronavirus,” Health Minister Yuli Edelstein tweeted on Friday.

Eyal Leshem, director of Israel’s biggest hospital Sheba Medical Center, said that the nation is close to attaining herd immunity.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) officials, at least 65 to 70 percent of the population should get the shots so herd immunity could be achieved.

Leshem noted that herd immunity was the logical reason behind the country’s steady decline of new infections.

“There is a continuous decline despite returning to near normalcy,” he said. “This tells us that even if a person is infected, most people they meet walking around won’t be infected by them.”

Israel, relying heavily on the vaccines produced by Pfizer and BioNTech, was one of the earliest countries that started its inoculation schemes, paving the way to become the world’s frontrunner in COVID-19 vaccination. Last February, the country revealed a study that showed almost 96 percent of virus slowdown among individuals who already received full doses of the vaccine.

As the nation boasts of having the highest vaccination rate, it already recorded over five million completed COVID-19 vaccinations. Per the healthy ministry, over five out of 10 Israelis had already got their vaccine’s second dose.

Israel is also preparing to begin vaccination to children (aged 12 to 15) as they await US FDA’s approval to use the drug on the younger population.

Amid Israel’s leading vaccination efforts, people from the Palestinian regions have yet to receive ample amount of vaccine shipments. Last month, Palestine got its first vaccine shipment of around 60,000 vaccines coming from the WHO’s Covax vaccine-sharing project.


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