Italian design brand offers “HotDog” couch complete with toppings


  • An Italian design brand, Seletti, is now offering a $7,100 “HotDog” couch sold at Neiman Marcus.
  • Fastfood lovers will surely love the new designs as there’s also a “Hamburger” chair available for grabs at $4,950.
  • Additional veggie pillows- tomatoes, cucumbers, and pickles, are also sold separately if you want to add more accessories to your new furniture.

Hot dog lovers, rejoice! Your favorite food is now available as a unique new piece of home décor- the Seletti “HotDog” Sofa. This delicious piece of furniture is sold at Neiman Marcus. It’s expected to ship no later than December 6, so it’ll make a cool Christmas gift.

Photo Credit: Seletti
Photo Credit: Seletti

Not to worry, it’s not just your plain leather hotdog pillow set in an open bun frame, it has condiments too. Painted on mustard and some sesame seeds sprinkled on the back too. Of course, the set wouldn’t be complete without veggie accessories. Though some may say that they’re a bit of an unusual choice, the Italian furniture maker, according to PEOPLE Food editor Shay Spence, says the couch comes with round sliced cucumber and tomato pillows.

How much for this scrumptious sofa you ask? It retails for $7,100 and has an additional shipping fee of $295. Make sure to do a little space planning before you order it though, this couch isn’t going to be easy to just move around since it weighs 1,433 pounds.

If hotdogs don’t happen to be your thing, Seletti also offers a “Burger” Chair with pickle and tomato pillows at the price of $4,950.

If you want to add more toppings to your new food furniture, the pillows can also be bought separately: $1,500 tomato, $930 cucumber, and $1,170 for the pickle.

People can be fickle when it comes to decorating, so if for whatever reason you change your mind, the couch is returnable within 30 days.


Source: PEOPLE

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