Jake Paul not interested in boxing MMA champion Amanda Nunes


  • YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has turned down UFC’s Dana White offer to face MMA fighter, Amanda Nunes.
  • White told TMZ that there’s no chance of Paul going up against Conor McGregor.
  • In a short clip last Monday, Paul challenged McGregor as he offered a $50 million bout.

In a bid to challenge Conor McGregor inside the boxing ring, Millionaire YouTuber Jake Paul bypassed UFC’s Dana White’s offer to fight a mixed martial arts champion Amanda Nunes.

In his interview with TMZ Sports, White said that there is a “zero” percent chance that McGregor would fight Paul.

Alternatively, the UFC president told TMZ that he would like to see Nunes go against the YouTuber-turned-boxer, and “knock his a– out.”

A bantamweight and featherweight world champion, Nunes “is regarded by many as the greatest female MMA fighter ever” as reported by the Washington Post. Throughout her MMA fighting career, the Brazilian fighter has earned an approximate amount of over $3 million. 

Nunes was up to the challenge, but Paul, indirectly turned down the offer.

“OK, Dana White, so let me try and understand your logic here. You say you don’t want me to fight Conor McGregor because he’s one of the greatest fighters in the world, and I’m just a YouTuber or whatever,” the social media star said on his Instagram story.

“But then, in a statement today, you say, ‘Oh, I’m thinking about having Amanda Nunes just knock him out,’ but she’s also one of the greatest fighters.”

Paul continued, claiming that the UFC was not doing well. He argued that his proposed bout with the Irish fighter would be the “biggest money fight.”

Last Monday, Paul released a 58-second video full of insults as he called out McGregor to face him in a boxing match with a $50 million contract. He also lambasted White, McGregor’s fiancee and Dustin Poirier (McGregor’s upcoming competitor in January). 

“Conor, you’re scared. Dana, you’re scared. Sign the f—ing contract,” Paul said.

In an exhibition match that sold over $1 million pay-per-view last month, Paul knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson.

Insider’s Alan Dawson said that the YouTube star has become a figure in “showbiz boxing.”

Source: Insider

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