Jeep might release underwater Wrangler EV

Jeep might release underwater Wrangler EV


  • Vehicle company Jeep released a video teasing an all-electric, underwater Wrangler.
  • The company hinted that it plans to come up with such a feature by 2030.
  • Other exciting features were also highlighted in the promotional material.

Riding underwater? Looks like Jeep is up to the challenge.

In celebration of its 80th anniversary this July, automaker Jeep has released a video that showed the all-electric Wrangler driving under the sea, giving a teaser that the company may soon develop an underwater vehicle. 

The video-teaser, with a caption that read “Fictionalization. Do not attempt,” was clearly an indication that Jeep is serious about electric vehicle innovation.

While the Jeep Wrangler JL is one of the most sought-after vehicles due to its off-road credentials, converting it into an underwater masterpiece would be entirely a different thing, and would entail rigorous improvements over time.

Such innovation would merit an EV given the fact that an all-electric powertrain would no longer need air suction and extract gases.

Apparently, the moment where the all-electric Wrangler became like a submarine car looked to be an extension of Jeep’s autonomous off-roading system which was also showcased in the video.

Based on the video, it appeared that the company suggests that the owner, who would be going for a hike, will command the Wrangler on their meeting place. On its own, the vehicle would program itself to get to the meet-up location, which could include going underwater through the river.

While company CEO Christian Meunier called the promotional material ‘light-hearted’ and simply innovative, he noted that it reflects Jeep’s “plans and vision” in the upcoming years.

“We’ve added a few nice features and one at the end which is more of a wink to the future, but something that could be a dream after 2030,” Meunier said. “Maybe not a dream though?”

Aside from the possibility of a Wrangler submarine, the material also displayed other features including the Dynamic Tire Pressure (which appeared to automatically adjust the tire’s pressure) and the Multi-Power Port, an ability of the Wrangler’s battery to light up a campsite for instance.

Source: Inside EVs

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