Jeffrey Epstein ‘heirs’ come forward to claim his multimillion-dollar estate


  • So many people have come forward claiming they were Epstein’s successors to his vast fortune after a Florida-based genealogical service launched a search for the convicted sex offender’s heirs.
  • According to the service, those with the most believable claims will be referred to a lawyer who will assist them to go after their share of Epstein’s estate.
  • Epstein’s fortune which is roughly estimated at $560M includes his lavish homes in Palm Beach, Fla., Upper East Side, a ranch in New Mexico, and others.

Now that Jeffrey Epstein supposedly hanged himself in a Manhattan jail cell last weekend, numerous people have come forward and claimed to have been fathered by the convicted multimillionaire pedophile.

“We’ve had quite an inundation of calls as you can imagine,” said the president of Morse Genealogical Services, Ari Morse. “I believe there will still be more and more,” Morse told the Post on Tuesday.

Launching a hunt for Epstein’s relatives on Saturday on the site ‘’, the Florida-based service wrote: “If you believe you may have given birth to a child fathered by the late JEFFERY EPSTEIN who recently committed suicide, or that he may have been your biological father, please contact us immediately, without delay”!!

Those with the most plausible claims will be connected to a lawyer who can help them pursue their claims of Epstein’s estate, which is worth around $560 million according to court documents. His estate includes his luxurious properties such as an Upper East Side townhouse, his Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, Little St. James Island and his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

“Our specialty is bringing people forward, but we work with attorneys to work on this matter,” added Morse.

Despite receiving countless calls, the company said that heirs to the Epstein fortune had not been positively identified yet.

“It’s not like anyone can call me and — boom, done — things will happen,” said Morse. He explained that everything goes through a vetting process. He said that it usually takes time to go through their levels of screening where they check and evaluate everything before moving on to the next step.


Source: New York Post

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