Jelly Belly creator launches cannabis-infused jelly beans in 38 flavors


  • Jelly Belly’s creator, David Klein, is entering the cannabis industry by launching cannabis-infused jelly beans.
  • Klein’s Spectrum Confections makes jelly beans sugar candies infused with cannabidiol (CBD) —a marijuana component which is non-psychoactive.
  • Jelly Belly Candy Co. is reportedly not connected to the new cannabis-infused candies venture.

David Klein, the inventor of Jelly Belly has launched a new jelly-bean creation — sugar candies infused with cannabidiol — via a new business named Spectrum Confections. Cannabidiol, popularly-known as CBD, is the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.

Klein invented Jelly Belly, which he named after the blues musician Lead Belly,  in 1976 but sold the Jelly Belly trademark in 1980 to Herman Goelitz Candy Co. for about $5 million. The company eventually changed its name to the Jelly Belly Candy Co.

Klein’s new magic beans, the CBD-infused jelly bean candies come in 38 yummy flavors, which include roasted marshmallow, piña colada, and strawberry cheesecake, cinnamon, spicy licorice and mango. According to reports, each bean contains 10 milligrams of CBD.

“The jelly bean is perfect for the proper dosage” of CBD, Klein told Cannabis Aficionado in an interview.

The Spectrum Confections website sells the CBD-infused jelly beans in bulk. But to those who are waiting to order online, the candies were declared sold out as of Monday. Due to high demand, wholesale orders between 8,000 and 32,000 pieces are now being prioritized.


Source: Business Insider

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