Jury found Bill Cosby Guilty of Sexually Assaulting a Woman


  • I don’t know why these women waited all this time to report something like that happening , RIGHT AWAY. It’s all about money. One woman got paid so you have
    A gaggle of hens jump on the bandwagon. He becomes the money tree whether they have proof or not. They should throw the whole thing out of the window. How dumb are these people

  • I think its very sad that in his golden years, a man that has spent his whole life entertaining people; should endure something like this. If there was any kind of misconduct, why is it only coming out now. There is no excuse for waiting this many years to accuse someone of something so heinous. Very, very sad. 🙁

  • Yes indeed sister, it’s a matter of no justice for just Us, All African Americans are subject to racism, oppression and no justice ever no matter their level of financial gain, like so many of our brothers n sisters Brotha Cosby is forced to endure the infallible unjust hand of the crooked ass criminal justice system in America.

    • Absolutely ridiculous that after all these years this was allowed to be brought to court let alone how this turned out. Even with wrongful death suits with plenty of proof has a time limit to file. These women went on their own, not kidnapped, and they were well aware of what might happen. If they didn’t like what ended up with what might (?) have happened – they had plenty of time to report it. At the time these women were far from being a young girl or teen who might have been afraid to report anything. This is a he said – she said thing for money and recognition. If they really thought that Mr. Cosby was such a threat or a danger to women – then why didn’t they report it sooner to prevent any other women from going through the same thing that they supposedly(?) did. Not saying Mr. Cosby was totally innocent, but after all these years with the man now being 80 – a total mission to destroy him and his family. Guess money IS the root of all evil. By the way – just for the record – I am white.

  • I’m in total disbelief to any and all aligations against Bill Cosby. This man has paved the way for so many people. Why is it that out of all the people Cosby has helped. Even the very beautiful Phylisa Rashard who has worked with Cosby so many years. Claimed that Cosby has never disrespected her in any type of way. And this women is absolutely gorgeous. Theses women are so hideous. There’s no way Cosby would put his career in jeopardy for them. If you are a an adult with freedom of speech. Why woould u not let your voice be heard if your have been violated in any way? Yet out of all these grown people. Not one person in years ever thought to come forward with their claim. Why and how would this come out now if it wasn’t some type of conspiracy against Cosby? Yes, It’s The Man!!!

  • I am speechless and cannot add more than the above comments. Conviction should be enough for these “ladies” but no, just watch lawsuits next, that will make them feel vindicated. REALLY!

  • I have to agree. Regardless of who it is—-you report it or tell someone!!!! The system needs to wake up. Give Bill a Lie detector test—see what that says!!! If he has nothing to hide – take the test.

  • White women have no problem reporting take and any other assaults against themselves in a country where they are protected Even when they lie and bring false allegations against black men they are still permitted and encouraged to do so which is why many black men are serving prison sentences now Some have been released after serving time for wrongful imprisonment but only after their lives career and family have suffered wrongfully So if a white woman was raped by a black man we all know he would be brought to justice and we all know it has nothing to do with who he is but about destroying his family These women were smart to go after this man after all these years when the statue of lmitations are up Now other men better be careful because these people can send people to prison without proof evidence witnesses etc. Wonder who they will target next

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