Kansas County Nurses Refuse to Give Out COVID-19 Vaccine To Those Who Want Them


  • In the Coffey County health department in Kansas, several nurses said that they were not willing to give out COVID-19 vaccine to patients.
  • Health department administrator Lindsay Payer said that she and other nurses believed that the vaccine was unsafe to use, citing erroneous sources about its safety.
  • Scientific data show that the available COVID-19 vaccines (i.e. Pfizer and Moderna) are highly effective and safe to use.

How false information spread among health practitioners was manifested among four nurses working in Coffey County health department in Kansas and refusing to acknowledge COVID-19 vaccines. They thought that the vaccine was unsafe which makes them doubtful of its usage.

According to the Daily Beast, health department administrator Lindsay Payer said that they would not participate in the administration of the vaccines.

“My staff is not comfortable with that. It’s a new technology we’ve never seen before,” Payer told the Board of Commissioners during the January 4 meeting, which was uploaded on YouTube.

Payer said that together with other nurses, they were skeptical over the vaccine’s safety as she referred to unreliable sources about it. Instead, she told the board that the department would recruit other nurses who will be willing to do the vaccinations. 

COVID-19 vaccines such as those developed by Pfizer and Moderna have gone through rigorous researches. To establish its efficacy, tens of thousands of people were tested during the trials. For instance, Pfizer’s phase 3 trial had a sample size of over 43,000 individuals.

Several countries and organizations have invested massive resources in order to save time in making the vaccine. Moreover, scientists already had a benchmark since vaccines for MERS and SARS, which are also coronaviruses, were already made.

As of January 13, Payer and other nurses remained firm on their stand about the vaccine, telling Topeka’s 13 News that it was more of a personal decision, rather than being for or against it.

County Medical Officer Dr. Jeff Sloyer said that she rebuked Payer’s beliefs in their succeeding meeting.

“Both of these vaccines were very well studied,” he said.

In a statement shared with 13 News, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment vouched for the safety and efficacy of the vaccines.

“The data demonstrate that the known and potential benefits of this vaccine outweigh the known and potential harms of becoming infected with COVID-19,” the statement said.

Source: Business Insider

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