Kevin Costner hosted a real baseball game at ‘Field of Dreams’ site—and it was perfect [Video]


  • The Chicago White Sox faced the New York Yankees adjacent to the corn field where ‘Field of Dreams’ was shot.
  • It was the first MLB game ever played in Iowa.
  • Kevin Costner hosted the game.

The visual of Kevin Costner and the real-life White Sox and Yankees emerging from corn stalks onto a regulation-size baseball diamond to play an actual MLB game was ‘perfect.’

The Chicago White Sox played the New York Yankees adjacent to the corn field in Dyersville, Iowa, where the iconic film ‘Field of Dreams’ was shot. The occasion marked the first MLB league game ever played in Iowa.

The video shows Costner emerge from a stretch of corn stalks beyond the warning track in right field, leading the two teams to the field to raucous applause. The actor also threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

“That’s probably the greatest setting for a baseball game that I’ve ever been a part of,” Des Moines Register’s Randy Peterson wrote.

The event was incredibly well-received by the fans.

“I was in attendance and it was by far the best sporting event I ever attended. MLB hit a home run on this,” one fan commented. “Coolest part was, in order to get to the game you had to enter through the corn in center field on the original ‘Field of Dreams’ field.”

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said the ‘Field of Dreams’ game will return next year, likely featuring different teams.

“It does feel like all the teams are going to want to touch this,” Costner said. “There’s going to be hot competition to play here. There’s going to be records set here as a result of ‘Field of Dreams.’ I hope it does happen.”

Source: Good News Network

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