Kim Jong Un Ordered Spread of Human Feces on Crops that Caused Parasite Epidemic


  • How is North Korea different from the usa? We just passed a terribly bloated military bill and then passed a bill taxing the poor and middle class so that the already rich can be richer. We have many hungry food deprived folks in our country also. And many without medical care so that the rich can be richer. Children die and they don’t care. The elderly will die and they will celebrate the silver lining in the savings of billions of dollars in pension funds. So I ask again if you are not wealthy , how is North Korea different from the USA.??

    • What??? Are you serious? I know why don’t you move to communist North Korea and then when you learn the answer to that question you can leave – oh wait you’ll be shot !!
      I wish I had a majic wand where everyone who doesn’t see that the jobs and opportunities in our country are made from the upper class mostly would disappear!! We work for people who provide our jobs and pay like 99% of our nations taxes! Tax breaks and regulatory breaks allow these hard working bust their ass people to buy more companies etc.. and give US A JOB!! NOT to mention our government does not commit genocide against our people😳America gives more aid to other countries than ANY OTHER country in the world . But no please head to North Korea and see for yourself !! Be told when to go bed when to use water and kiss your freedom of speech you just exercised goodbye !

  • Gwenable is right on.
    The coolaide drinking brainwashed individual who is comparing NK to US and wondering how we’re different absolutely needs to GO find out 1st hand.
    I would ask this person to check the statistics on the number of illegal aliens crossing over the NK border every day versus the number of illegals crossing into the US daily.… For that matter, compare our number to anyone else’s number in the world. That might shed a little light on how great this country appears to those who don’t live here . Wake up liberal “sheeple” and start thinking for yourselves. Also, go back and learn the history of this amazing country. Your eyes will be opened, hopefully, by what people went through To form this great country, and just how fortunate we are to live here instead of any other place in the world.

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