LA gay man had 780 cosmetic procedures in his lifetime to become ‘Human Ken Doll’


  • Los Angeles resident Justin Jedlica has gained international fame for undergoing nearly 800 cosmetic surgeries to look like a man-made Ken doll.
  • Although a lot consider his fixation for perfecting his body intense, Jedlica thinks it is very normal because it’s just trying to fix things that already exist.
  • He also shared that growing up in a poor family and not being accepted as a gay man had inspired him to start his journey in plastic surgery.

LA resident Justin Jedlica is known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’ in American media for his plastic-like resemblance to Barbie’s beau, a result of more than 700 cosmetic procedures.

While some view Jedlica’s obsession for sculpting a perfect body extreme, he sees it as simply a way to improve, tweak and tighten existing features. “It seems pretty normal. It’s an innovation on things that are already there,” Jedlica, 39, told AOL Lifestyle.

The man-made doll says his compulsion with plastic surgery started when he was a child living in a lower income family.

“I think in my brain, wealth and fame came in tandem with plastic surgery, so I began to stockpile my money as a kid and save,” he explained.

However, what really motivated him to take on plastic surgery were his experiences as a gay man. Jedlica recalled not being able to mesh in with the crowd didn’t make him comfortable.

Now, after $800,000 worth of 780 procedures that included peck, bicep and tricep implants, five nose jobs, a brow lift, augmentations to his cheeks and lips, among others, Jedlica has become an evolutionary experiment of what can be achieved in cosmetic procedures for men.

“I don’t have a problem using myself as the guinea pig,” he said. “When I go into doctors, I don’t say I go in for consultations anymore, because really I go in to pitch,” he said.

Jedlica, who also gained international fame for being a cosmetic surgery pioneer by customizing implant designs for clients and friends, explained that, “There was a business to be had here. I wanted to point people in the direction of the best plastic surgeons, the people that I sanctioned as the best.”


Source: AOL.Com

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