Las Vegas dentist accused of setting 5-year-old girl’s mouth on fire


    • Crowns on baby molars. These teeth should last until ages 10 to 12. Loss of these teeth may result in a very large orthodontic problem later. These teeth are also important for the child’s ability to chew. Since baby teeth have little enamel, they can’t hold large fillings. Usually decay was deep, necessitating pulpotomies – simplified root canal for kids, followed by crown restoration Nothing new – I did it in dental school in the 70’s. Gary Friedland, DDS

  • that’s for dang sure if the tooth is that bad at that age something is wrong my kids never went to a dentist until they lost all their baby teeth but was taught to take care of their teeth and went after their permanent came in for fillings or whatever they needed unlike me I never even had a toothbrush coming up and after I got into my teen years the only thing I ever had done was have a tooth pulled because my gums were bad but a kid that young should not need crowns

    • Read my comment above. The reason kids have these problems are because of breakfast cereals(the equivalent of candy for breakfast) and other sweet treats.
      Most of these problems are due to the stuff parents buy them.

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