Little girl almost dies after swallowing flat button-sized battery


  • A two-year-old girl named Elsie-Rose Duffy had been suffering from stomach problems for several months, doctor’s said that it was an infection.
  • Elsie-Rose almost died after discovering that she had swallowed a lithium battery.
  • A life-saving surgery was successful in removing the battery which was burning a hole in the little girl’s throat.

Initially, a two-year-old girl from theU.K. was rushed to the hospital after doctors believed she’d swallowed a penny. It was then discovered that it was a button battery.

Elsie-Rose Duffy had been suffering from stomach problems for several months, doctor’s telling her mother, Kristy Duffy, that it was an infection. When the little girl started having problems eating, leading to her deteriorating condition, her mother demanded a hospital appointment. That was scheduled for August 29. Elsie had been “feeling sick” a night before the appointment, and her mom didn’t know that she’d swallowed a battery.

Kristy says that it was a “stroke of absolute luck that her hospital appointment was the next day.”

Doctors at Sheffield Children’s Hospital found that a lithium battery that was stuck in the top of the little girl’s esophagus, somewhere around the chest area. It was quickly burning through Elsie-Rose’s throat and she had to be rushed to Leeds General Infirmary for an emergency life-saving surgery.

Her mother says the doctors had told her to give her daughter “one last kiss” as the chances of Elsie-Rose surviving were like “her walking across a motorway without getting hit by a car or lorry.”

The operation was successful, and the surgeon had managed to remove the battery with minimal damage. Elsie-Rose spent five days in intensive care before she was able to go home.

Doctors believe that the battery was ingested within 24 hours before the little girl went to the hospital. Ms. Duffy reports that her daughter now “seems back to her normal self”. Elsie-Rose is currently on medication for her throat and is expected to make a full recovery.


Source: Daily Mail Online

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