Livestock struggling to survive across the Great Plains due to freezing temperatures


  • Ranchers and farmers are struggling to keep their cattle and calves from dying due to the freezing temperatures.
  • In Montana, duct tape has been used to stick calves’ ears to their necks so they won’t fall off due to frostbite.
  • Chickens are also affected as the snow and ice have caused the collapse of many broiler houses.

Across the Great Plains, ranchers and others raising livestock are struggling to keep their animals alive in the sub-zero temperatures that have been raging over the last week.

Bloomberg reports that calves’ ears are falling off due to frostbite in Montana. Ranchers have resorted to using duct tape to stick the calves’ ears to their necks to try and prevent this from happening.

In Arkansas and Oklahoma, ranchers are desperately trying to keep their newborn calves from freezing to death. They’ve used pantyhose to try to keep the animals’ heads warm and have even put those most vulnerable in their homes and cars.

A founder of brokerage Beaf Cattle Co., Tyler Beaver, told Bloomberg that a lot of hay has to be put out daily to keep the cows warm enough so they don’t freeze and die.

The incredibly cold weather won’t just kill animals, it will also slow the weight gain for a lot of cattle. Bloomberg says that this will result in smaller supplies across the country later this year.

Cattle aren’t the only livestock fighting to survive because of the raging cold. Many broiler houses that are used to raise chickens have been without power and have even collapsed due to overwhelming snow and ice.

Hay for warmth and food, as well as other solutions, are being delayed as well because diesel trucks aren’t able to make deliveries.

Assistance in the form of financial aid for farmers and ranchers as well as emergency care for animals is being offered by FEMA and the USDA.

Source: PEOPLE

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