Looters sweep through Chicago’s business district [Video]


  • In Chicago, public disturbance ensued in the city’s central downtown business district as hundreds of people marched outside, smashed windows, and confronted police officers.
  • The unrest transpired from reports about another police-involved shooting, which the police department consider misinformation.
  • The police superintendent considers this an “incident of pure criminality.”

In Magnificent Mile, hundreds of people marched outside, smashed windows, and confronted police officers after another police-involved shooting incident hours earlier, Chicago Tribune reports.

The incident is reported at 2:30 PM. The department responded to the call about the gun, dispatched police officers to Englewood neighborhood and located the suspect near Moran Park.

The police officers stopped the suspect that matched the physical description from reports about a person with firearms. The suspect turned around and fired at police officers, as he tried to escape. The police returned fire and wounded the suspect.

The suspect transported to University of Chicago Hospital. No details about his condition were not made available, the newspaper reported.

The civil disorder transpired from misinformation posted on social media, said Police Superintendent David Brown. The protest and calls to head toward downtown intended to cause a public disturbance in response to reports about police officers shooting a teenage boy, which turned out to be false.

The police superintendent released information from police records belonging to the suspect, including previous charges: burglary, child endangerment and domestic battery. The department reported that the suspect is expected to survive.

The department dispatched 400 officers to the scene. The police said information about the public disturbance that encouraged looting was obtained from social media posts.

The police superintendent emphasized the department’s position about the incident. “This was not an organized protest,” he declared. “This was an incident of pure criminality. This was an act of violence against our police officers and against our city.” This position received support from the mayor.

The incident report and witness statements indicate a confrontation between protestors and officers holding a police line, located near 56th and Aberdeen streets. The police said the commotion ensued because of a person who was spreading misinformation about police officers shooting a teenage boy, the newspaper reported.

In Michigan Avenue, looters entered through broken windows and were seen exiting the store with stolen merchandise afterwards. The police officers dispatched on the scene chased looters, including one woman with shopping bags in her hands.

The police department reported that looters were unable to break into Omega watch store at Delaware Place and Michigan Avenue, but speculates another attempt. “They’re gonna get it eventually,” one police officer said.

“We do have an officer that was maced by someone in the crowd. We do have an officer that sustained a shoulder injury from the incident with the crowd,” Deputy Police Chief Delonda Tally said.

“One of our vehicles, the windows were shattered by a brick,” Tally added.

Source: New York Post

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