Man accidentally swallows AirPod while sleeping


  • Apple AirPods are a wireless alternative to traditional headphones.
  • A Massachusetts man accidentally swallowed one of the devices after going to bed while listening to music on his AirPods.
  • Amazingly, he only felt minor discomfort from the 2-inch device lodged in his throat. Doctors successfully removed the AirPod without much trouble.

You don’t have to worry about wire tangling up when you have a pair of wireless Apple AirPods. However, the convenience does come with a rare and bizarre risk.

A man from Massachusetts was listening to music on his AirPods when he went to bed. He woke up the following day with one of the devices inside him. Brad Gauthier had to go to the emergency room after he swallowed one of his AirPods.

All he knew that Tuesday morning was that one of his Airpods was missing and set to shoveling snow from his driveway. He spent about an hour on the chore, unaware that the device was lodged in his throat. 

When he took a break to drink some water, he couldn’t swallow the liquid. Gauthier told local TV station 22 News that his wife and son joked that he might have swallowed the missing earbud. However, it seemed too much of a coincidence to have gone to bed with two Airpods, suddenly be missing one, and feel a “distinct blockage” in the center of his chest.

An x-ray was taken at a local emergency room, showing a faint image of an earbud shape in Gauthier’s throat. To extract the AirPod, doctors used a long, thin tube. Gauthier experienced only minor discomfort during the procedure, but after that, he was on his way.

Gauthier believes he was quite lucky as the GI physician told him that it’s “extremely uncommon” not to experience pain or severe discomfort due to a blockage.

Source: New York Post

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