Man dies after being sucked into MRI machine


  • Had an MRI of the shoulder years ago and prior to getting on the table, the tech asked if I had any bullet fragments in me. Apparently the magnets in an MRI are REALLY strong. Fortunately I was ‘bullet free’ and the session was uneventful.

  • That’s the dumbest story I’ve ever read. First of all , the magnetic field from an MRI is not that strong, and second, a leak from an oxygen tank won’t kill you unless it explodes.

  • I already have afraid of the machines. They have to sedate me .30 minutes before I go in, now I don’t know if I’ll every go in one again…GREAT

  • Yes the magnetic field is strong enough to pull a metal object into it. no he did not die from inhaling oxygen. to begin with if the tank had liquid oxygen in it which is very unlikely, the instant the liquid is released it becomes gas. People with burns or smoke inhalation are placed in a hyperbaric chamber which is filled with 100% oxygen. So this story is stupid.

  • The magnetic field is VERY strong. Machinery movers were installing a MRI unit into a building and a worker put his hand between the MRI and the large steel pulley used to drop the MRI into place. When the magnetic field pulled the pulley in, it caught his hand and took it off at the wrist. The field is that strong…

    • The “magnetic field” being an electromagnet has NO magnetic force until it’s completely installed…including the electricity and the power switch must be turned “on” before it could have attracted anything! Those workers and that chain fall would have been long gone before the power supply was even connected to that MRI unit! First you have the riggers that move the unit into place, then they pack up their gear and leave! Then the electricians come in and hard wire the unit to the power supply and they leave. Then you have the technician, at the Control Panel, come in who turns the unit on before the magnet might have been able to attract ANYTHING! Sorry but your story lacks ALL CREDIBILITY!

  • Sorry for the late reply but . Am I the only one that notice that his family is only getting under 8000 us dollar for this freak accident i understand that their currency is different but what horrible way to loss a family member that’s barely enough to bury him

  • WOW! I don’t think the average person and the thousands of people that had a MRI knew just how dangerous they could be to rip a pacemaker out of a chest..

    • Guys and Gals,
      The magnetic field is likely 64,000 times the earths’ magnetic field assuming it is only a 1.5Tesla scanner. It easily could do what is reported. But, it won’t rip a pacemaker or an ICD out of the chest-it’s not that ferromagnetic.

  • A few years ago, there was an article in the Dayton Daily News concerning a Dayton, Ohio Police officer who unknowingly walked into an MRI room with a subject that was to have an MRI procedure done. Once the MRI unit was turned on the officers firearm which was strapped in was ripped out of his holster, slammed into the machine (seemed like it fired a round ; not sure) and bent the gun barrel.

  • First off this might be a somewhat believable story if it weren’t for the simple fact that the oxygen tank itself was made out of ALUMINUM and all of the fittings are made out of BRASS (both non-ferrous materials ) for safety reasons so as not to create any sparks which might cause an explosion!

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