Man files for divorce after seeing wife without makeup


  • An Egyptian man filed for divorce because he couldn’t get over what his new wife looked like without makeup.
  • The couple met on Facebook, where the bride always posted attractive selfies.
  • The man told a court that after the nuptials he “saw her real face without makeup, she looks ugly.”

So much for the honeymoon phase. In Egypt, a man filed for divorce from his new wife after seeing her without makeup for the first time.

The unhappy couple initially met on Facebook, where the woman always posted attractive photos of herself.

The brief marriage took a turn the morning after the wedding when the groom first saw the bride without makeup.

“I was shocked… since she looked nothing like the person I met multiple times before marriage,” he told the Heliopolis Family Court. “I saw her pictures on Facebook. She looks totally different when she does not wear makeup.” He explained to the court that he wanted to divorce her over the perceived deception.

“I was deceived by her as she used to apply heavy makeup before marriage,” the man added. “But after the wedding, I saw her real face without makeup, she looks ugly.”

“I see her when she wakes up; her hair is messy,” the man said. “And her appearance is completely different from the one I knew when I married her.”

The man said he tried his best to get over her face without makeup, but he had to file for divorce after only a month of wedlock.

Source: Today Online

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