Man Reveals The ‘Secrets’ Behind His Mother’s ‘Ageless’ Complexion


  • A series of pictures shared online by a 22-year-old Vietnamese man of his mother’s youthful looks went viral astounding thousands who demanded to know her secret.
  • According to Jonathan Nguyen, his mother’s youthful complexion is attributed to exercising daily and eating lots of fruits.
  • Many of those who have viewed the photos commented that they thought she was either Jonathan’s sister or his girlfriend.

Thousands of people are shocked over a series of pictures shared online by a Vietnamese man of his amazingly youthful mother who is often mistaken for his sister or girlfriend.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Nguyen(Instagram)
Photo Credit: Jonathan Nguyen(Instagram)

Jonathan Nguyen from Los Angeles had been swamped with endless questions regarding his mother’s age, to which he repeatedly responded: ‘It’s a secret’.

The post has garnered over 14,000 likes and more than 7,400 comments with many insisting to know the secrets behind her age-defying appearance.

Eventually, the 22-year-old man told Daily Mail Australia that his mom is in her 40s.

“To cut to the chase, my mom is in her 40s. Her secret to not aging is dieting and exercising. She also has a skin care routine that I’m not too aware of,” he said. He credits daily exercise and strictly following the low-carb, high-fat Keto diet to her flawless complexion.

While others commented that his mother was the ultimate ‘goal’, many initially assumed she was Jonathan’s girlfriend or sister.

One asked, “Your mum looks like your sister, what’s her secret,’ to which Jonathan responded: ‘Lots of fruits, and working out every day.’

‘She works out every day, and won’t eat any processed foods for the most part,” added Jonathan.

Another one commented: ‘Hopefully I look that good when I’m her age.’

Photo Credit: Jonathan Nguyen(Instagram)
Photo Credit: Jonathan Nguyen(Instagram)

His latest post comes shortly after he shared his skincare regime on social media after suffering a bout of severe adult acne.

‘I really hope this helps….so you don’t have to go to your graduation ceremony, prom, college campus, and job looking the way like I did at those places’, said his post.

He shared his regime which included washing his face with room temperature water to open the pores using Clean and Clear ‘blackhead eraser’,

Secret facial cleansing milk, Burts Bees natural acne solutions moisturising lotion, Aveeno moisturiser and Sunday Riley acne treatment oil.
He also advised staying away from chips and sugar which he said had caused his acne, and to drink lots of water.


Source: Daily Mail

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