Man sentenced to 2 years for finding love through witchcraft


  • A man who claimed that he can offer aid to people looking for love by using magic spells was arrested and sentenced to 2 years in jail on Monday.
  • Ariel Boiteux, whose services were publicized on social media, victimized about 200 people in several countries through a so-called witchcraft extortion scheme.
  • His services involved instructing his clients to record videos of themselves doing sexual rituals then demanded to pay huge amounts of money or else their videos will be released on a public website.

On Monday, the Argentine mastermind who targeted hundreds of people searching for love through an international “witchcraft extortion scheme” was sentenced to two years in federal prison.

In a news release from the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California reported that 31-year-old Ariel Boiteux who advertised his services on Facebook and Instagram have provided people help to find love through the use of magic spells.

The release also stated that those who contacted Ammares Inmediatos, which is the name of Boiteux’s company, were instructed to record themselves performing sexually explicit rituals. Then Boiteux demanded that they pay him a large amount of money, otherwise, he threatened to release their videos on social media.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Boiteux targeted roughly 200 people in countries including the United States, Switzerland, Mexico and Spain.

An estimated 200 people in countries like the United States, Switzerland, Mexico and Spain were reportedly targeted by Boiteux, according to the LA Times. Authorities said that in one case, a “well-connected” public figure with significant financial resources was demanded to pay $250,000.

Boiteux was apprehended in Paraguay after an agent with the Department of Homeland Security who was working undercover proposed to buy another victim’s recording that had been publicly posted to a website.

Aside from Boiteux, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that three other individuals including Boiteux’s 15-year-old brother were also arrested in the witchcraft scheme.

The mastermind was charged with foreign transmission of an extortionate threat. As reported by the LA Times, in July, he was deported to San Diego where he later pleaded guilty to the charge in December.


Source: NBC News

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