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Mark Wahlberg shows 20-pound weight gain for new role [Video]


  • Mark Wahlberg revealed his recent physical transformation on Instagram.
  • The actor said he gained 20 pounds in 3 weeks for a movie role.
  • The weight gain transformation is for his role in the upcoming biopic “Father Stu” as a boxer-turned-priest.

Mark Wahlberg revealed his dramatic transformation on Instagram, saying he gained 20 pounds in 3 weeks. The 49-year-old “Wahlburgers” star shared the before-and-after pics on Instagram as evidence. He also showed off his new bod at the gym in an earlier Instagram video.


“Kenny’s down 50 and I’m up about 20 😂,” he captioned the Instagram video. “Inspired to be better! I’m going up another 20. Yes it’s for a role.”

Lots of people showed appreciation and support for his before-and-after weight gain photos. Fellow celebrities also offered support.

Mario Lopez commented, “Yo. You wear mad chubby well homie!”

Wahlberg’s wife, Rhea, also made sure everyone knew just how much she loves her husband’s new look.

On his recent Instagram post, she commented, “And it looks just as hot in person baby,” along with a red heart emoji.

Wahlberg revealed last month that he will be undergoing a physical transformation for his role in the upcoming biopic “Father Stu”, in which he’ll be playing a boxer-turned-priest.

Appearing on  “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last month, he shared, “After we do the boxing scenes, I get to put on as much weight as possible over the course of the film, so I’m challenging myself to put on 30 pounds in the next six weeks.”

He jested, “They want me to do it as healthy as possible, and I’m like, ‘Dude, I’ve been on such a regimen for so long, I just want to eat everything in sight.’ I want to go to bakeries. I want to go to Denny’s. I want to get pancakes. I want to get everything that I can possibly get my hands on.”



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