Mcdonald’s Customer Finds A Dangerous Surprise In Her Meal [Video]


  • A female McDonald’s customer in Sydney discovered a piece of metal embedded in her chicken sandwich which was originally bought for her niece.
  • According to 7News reports, Ada Teaupa bought the sandwich for her niece who decided she didn’t want it, so the woman took it instead.
  • She told the outlet that she was thankful she was the one who ate the sandwich otherwise it be her niece who would have eaten the dangerous meal.

A customer in a McDonald’s Australian location made a startling discovery when she bit into a chicken sandwich that was originally meant for her 3-year-old niece.

Ada Teaupa spoke to 7News about the incident that happened at a McDonald’s branch in Cartwright, Sydney, on Feb. 13. She told the outlet that her niece had asked for the chicken sandwich but didn’t want it yet when the order arrived so she took it instead.

She told 7News that she immediately knew that something was wrong after biting into something hard and thought “oh no this is glass.”

Actually it wasn’t glass but a piece of sharp metal. Teaupa shared her outrage on Facebook including photos of the metal rod sticking out of a partially eaten chicken sandwich saying she was grateful that her niece wasn’t hungry yet otherwise it could have been her biting into it.

Photo Credit: Ada Teaupa

“Look what I found in the chicken & cheese [sandwich]!! Nearly broke my tooth!! My 3 year old niece ordered a chicken & cheese as well and thank god I didn’t give it to her yet!” she wrote.

 According to outlet reports, Teaupa complained to the manager where they offered her a replacement. However, she told 7News that she left the restaurant because she was too upset and lost her appetite.

McDonald’s responded to the incident the following day by issuing an apology and encouraged Teaupa to contact them so they could investigate further.

“We are disappointed that this has happened. We take food safety very seriously and have strict processes and systems in place,” a spokesman for McDonald’s told 7News who added that an investigation has been launched.

It’s not known if Teaupa has granted the company’s request.

But in the meantime, her post has elicited comments from several users who were also outraged by the incident wherein one user wrote, “Hope you gave them an earful and more,” while another commented, “Omgg I would’ve drove back and swore at em.”

Source: AOL.Com

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