McDonald’s franchise apologizes for “unintended offense” caused by controversial Halloween decoration


  • People see what they want to see. I, though an American of slave descent, did not consider the image of the hanging man to be related to lynching, and would not have deemed it offensive. There are, however, those who are ever on the lookout for things about which to get exercised, and are likely to find such things pretty much wherever they look.

    • How pathetic is this guy? There was no symbolism involved in anything, it’s s Halloween.
      This liberal jerk does NOT own Halloween ! ! If he wants to be a raving paranoic, he should imagine Hillary as President ! ! !

  • Unfortunately, we now live in a world, where people get easily offended about various things, either said done or posted. I guess we all need to always be on guard about this, its simply too bad. I wish it hadn’t come to this.
    nancy balconis

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