McDonald’s to offer child care, tuition benefits to attract new hires


  • McDonald’s is offering more benefits and better working conditions to its employees. 
  • The benefits include child care, higher hourly pay, and paid time off.
  • The benefits program aims to help the restaurant’s employees and attract more applicants. 

Employees of McDonald’s across the U.S. will be given new benefits, including backup child care, tuition assistance, and paid time off. They will also enjoy increased hourly pay, according to the Wall Street Journal. 

According to a company spokesperson’s email sent to CBS News, the move aims to help restaurant employees and address worker shortage.

The recovery of the country from the economic effects of the pandemic, which is in part due to the availability of COVID-19 vaccines, is offering people in the leisure and hospitality industry a chance to demand higher pay and better benefits. 

Many businesses in the industry are coming up with their strategies to fill vacant positions. 

McDonald’s “backup care” program for child and elderly care is expected to roll out this summer, and several franchises will participate. 

Depending on the franchise’s location, entry-level positions will be paid at least $11–$17 an hour, and shift managers will receive at least $15–$20 hourly pay.

McDonald’s said in May that it’s looking to hire 10,000 new employees for its company-owned restaurants. It also said it would implement a 10% increase in the hourly wages of more than 36,500 employees at McDonald’s-owned restaurants.

In a statement to CBS News, the company said it’s lucky to have the hardest working and most dedicated restaurant crews in the industry. It added that eligible employees in McDonald’s-owned restaurants have already been offered paid time off, access to education, employee assistance, a 401(k) plan, and other benefits.

According to a press release, McDonald’s announced in 2018 it would allocate $150 million over five years to its Archways to Opportunity program to help 400,000 U.S. restaurant employees finish high school, earn tuition for college, access academic advising courses, and take courses for English as a second language. 

Since its launch, the program has helped over 65,000 restaurant employees get access to education, and McDonald’s has given over $125 Million for tuition assistance, per a press release.

McDonald’s new employee benefits program has been endorsed by The National Franchise Leadership Alliance. According to David Costa, the alliance’s People Team Leader, “McDonald’s franchisees have prioritized their people and offered a variety of incentives to attract and retain top talent in their local communities” for decades. 

Source: Yahoo News

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