Medical Experimentation of “Magic” Mushroom Nearly Kills Man


  • “Magic” mushroom is a recreational drug that is to be consumed not injected.
  • A man made a “tea” from the mushroom and injected it directly to his bloodstream leading to organ failure.
  • Man recovers after three weeks in the hospital attached to a machine that filters toxins from the blood and a ventilator.

In Oregon, Denver, Colorado, and Oakland, California, “Magic” mushrooms are now legal for recreational use.  It is sold in dehydrated form to be pulverized into a capsule or eaten raw.  Studies are now being undertaken to test if it can be used for the treatment of addiction and mental illness.

However, one man experimented on himself and instead of orally ingesting the dried mushroom, he injected a “tea” made of psilocybin mushrooms directly into his bloodstream.

The man had stopped taking his medication for his mental illness (bipolar disorder type 1), leading him to have manic depressive episodes.

In one such episode, he even investigated psilocybin-based therapies, which include the use of ‘magic’ mushrooms. The recreational drug is on the list of possible treatments for anxiety and depression, as well as opioids addiction which he also had.

When the 30-year-old patient arrived at the emergency room of a Nebraska hospital, he was confused and fatigued, suffering from nausea, diarrhea, vomiting blood, and had a jaundiced appearance.  He even spoke incoherently. 

Test results show that the fungi have already mushroomed in his bloodstream causing liver injuries and his kidneys to not fully function.  He was going into organ failure.

The man had to be hospitalized for three weeks attached to a ventilator, and a machine that filters toxins in the blood.

He recovered after 22 days of treatment and is now on anti-fungal treatment and two courses of antibiotics.

The near fatal experimentation is now a case study in the Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry.

Source: New York Post

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