Medical Supplies Are In Shortage Due To The Decline Of Imports From China


  • Medical supplies in the United States are in shortage right now as orders haven’t yet arrived from China.
  • The factories temporarily stopped operating around February because of COVID-19, but when they resumed operation, the Chinese government needed them to reserve most of the products to its own people.
  • This led to American factories, and brands to produce their own supplies in helping the government fight the pandemic.

Medical supplies critical for combating the novel coronavirus are in short supply in different hospitals in the United States because of an unforeseen drop of importation from China.

Chinese factories have ceased their operations around February because of the spread of the novel coronavirus, thus the drop in shipment to the U.S. in mid-February. These equipment comprise of hand sanitizers, testing swabs, surgical gowns, and face masks.

After the factories resumed production, the Chinese government ordered the manufacturers of N95 masks to reserve nearly all of the products to Chinese customers.

An Associated Press analysis found that there have been no N95 masks from China that arrived since February 19.

Chicago emergency room nurse, Consuelo Vargas said on Friday that “It’s not safe at all. Nobody is safe,” after buying a painter booties and jumpsuits from a hardware store.

Photo Credit: Karen Ducey/Getty Images

The good news is that new players started coming in to fill the needs for these medical supplies.

The company 3M from Minnesota with a plant in Aberdeen, South Dakota, is relentlessly producing millions of N95 masks per month. Meanwhile, factories in Honduras are producing surgical gowns.

What’s even great is that fashion designers, and luxury brands such as LVMH have taken the steps to make hand sanitizers to be given to front liners for free.

Christian Soriano from the show “Project Runway”, and his team have offered assistance to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to sew protective gear to be given to hard-hit New York hospitals.

Source: New York Post

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