Meghan McCain ostracized by ‘The View’ co-hosts for ‘rude’ behavior [Video]


  • Really? Why would you replace Megan with someone as polarizing as Ana? She claims to be a conservative, but is unlike any conservative I know, and I’m in TX! The name of the show is The View, and everyone of those women thinks their view is the only valid one. Megan irritates me, but the other women are just as rude and obnoxious as she is. The reason people want her fired is because she is a conservative host on a liberal show watched by predominantly liberals who don’t like her for her politics. Ana would fit right in, but not as a conservative. Please don’t bring Jedidiah back into that snake pit. She deserves better than the way they treated her before.

  • Lotta weird stuff here. #1, was not set up to have McCain fired- it’s a liberal catch-all site. #2, Huntsman’s response to McCain’s comment was off the wall. McCain made her statement about Bolton’s integrity. There was no need for Huntsman’s “Well, I’ve also been in politics. [It’s] my upbringing too, and a lot of people have been around politics or know politics, whether you have family or not … This show is about opinions.” Huntsman took McCain’s comment as an insult to everyone else on the panel, when it was, if anything, a self reflection from McCain, not a dig at the political background or “credentials” of others. Get a grip, Huntsman.

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