Mercedes new electric sedan 'EQS'

Mercedes unveils new electric sedan ‘EQS’ [Video]


  • Going head-to-head against Tesla, Mercedes’ manufacturer Daimler AG launched its own electric-powered sedan, ‘EQS.’
  • The new luxury model boasts of having a lengthy touchscreen panel that covers the entire dashboard of the vehicle.
  • Several automakers are currently on the crusade of venturing into the electric vehicle industry.

Introducing the EQS ━ the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle with a framework that is purely built from the design of an electric car.

In a public revelation on Thursday, automaker Daimler AG released the new battery-powered, luxurious Mercedes sedan — as the company beefs up its efforts to compete with electrical car maker Tesla.

The vehicle did not utilize any material from the traditional cars.

The vehicle’s technological features were highlighted by its extensive touchscreen panel, which encompasses the entire front of the vehicle’s interior and replaces the traditional dashboard.

The EQS model is the kin of the S-Class large internal-combustion sedan, the company’s prime model with a selling value of over $110,000. Both models are targeted at the upper-class market. 

The German automaker did not yet provide details regarding the selling price of the EQS.

The EQS will undergo testing on a full charge of around 770 kilometers (478 miles), as per the European Union’s standard. Using Ionity, a network of highway charging stations built by the automakers’ group, Daimler will be giving away free charging for one year. 

The efforts to develop the electric car were expedited following the decrease in sales because of the rise of Tesla’s electric vehicles and the addition of more stringent environmental regulations from the government. 

Other automakers such as Porsche, Volkswagen, and BMW have also come up with their own respective electric vehicles in a bid to compete in the growing industry.

Porsche released an electric-powered Taycan sports car while BMW unveiled its iX3 electric SUV. Meanwhile, Volkswagen sold over 422,00 EVs last year and launched a new model ID.3.

Source: New York Post

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