Michigan police capture 2-foot-long alligator


  • Police found a 2-foot-long alligator roaming in the street in the Detroit area.
  • Officers later placed the gator with a local expert on reptiles
  • This is the third alligator found in the state this year.

Have you ever confused the Detroit area with the Florida Everglades?

You probably haven’t, but it looked like home to a baby alligator found roaming through one of its neighborhoods.

Police in Riverview responded to a report of a reptile and found a 2-foot-long alligator walking the street. Officers later placed the creature with a local reptile expert.

Surprisingly, this is not Michigan’s first gator sighting this year.

Last month, a 3-foot alligator was in a county pond north of Detroit.

In August, a city worker snagged another 3-foot-long alligator with a fishing pole from a sewage pond in Stanton.

Source: MLive

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