Michigan Teen Accidentally Killed By Boyfriend in Jet Ski Crash


  • A 17-year-old girl was tragically killed on a Michigan lake after her boyfriend’s watercraft slammed into hers.
  • After the accident, Lexi Simon was rushed to a hospital but was proclaimed dead four hours later.
  • According to witnesses, Simon slowed down or stopped on her jet ski, and it was too late for her boyfriend to hit the brakes.

Lexi Simon’s classmate, Christian Parker, remembers her having a consistent positive attitude.

“She was genuinely such a happy person,” Parker said, WSMH reported. “Like, walking through the hallways I would just see her smiling and laughing with her friends 24/7 and I think that’s something we can all adopt.”

The love for life and her smiles and laughter will be sorely missed and cherished as Michigan Teen, Lexi Simon, lost her life when she figured in a jet ski accident at a Michigan lake on Sunday.

Photo Credit: Lexi Simon

Genesee Country Sheriff Chris Swanson told MLIve that Simon was driving a personal watercraft on Lake Fenton when she met an accident.  According to a witness, Simon must have seen someone fall off a tube nearby and so slammed on the brakes which made her boyfriend’s jetski smash into hers from behind.

Her boyfriend immediately went into the water to rescue her and managed to rush her to Ascension Genesys Hospital.  Unfortunately, Simon expired four hours later.

Authorities believe there is no alcohol involved in the crash.

Fox affiliate WSMH asked friends of Simon as to what they would remember her for, and Jaylyn Hodges said “She always talked to everybody. “I would love to be her and anyone else would be lucky to even know her.” 

She also said that Simon was a “leader” who had a way of bringing people together and making them feel included.

According to her obituary, the 17-year old Simon was outgoing and had the ability to make everyone laugh. “She was a talented artist and loved making personalized gifts for everyone.”

Simon, who just finished junior high school at Lake Fenton High School, was a huge fan of the band Queen and was passionate about music.

She leaves behind her friends, her parents, and three sisters.

Source: PEOPLE

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