MLB Cardinals Players Get COVID-19 [Video]


  • St. Louis Cardinals deals with coronavirus, as players and personnel tested positive for the disease.
  • This is the second reported outbreak during this season — after the Miami Marlins announced that more than half of their team tested positive for the virus.
  • MLB released a statement in response to the situation, says the season will continue.

Major League Baseball (MLB) changes schedule for the pandemic-shortened season again, announces more players and staff tested positive for COVID-19.

The St. Louis Cardinals is the second team dealing with an outbreak, as seven players and six personnel tested positive for the coronavirus in recent days. Eight of the 13 are experiencing symptoms, said John Mozeliak, President of Baseball Operations of the St. Louis Cardinals. For this reason, their four-game series opposite Detroit Tigers is canceled.

Upon diagnosis, the team was placed under quarantine with continued coronavirus testing for personnel and players.

The Brewers-Cardinals match was scheduled on July 31 in Milwaukee. On Saturday, four more members tested positive for coronavirus, pushing for the cancellation of that game series.

The team is scheduled to remain under quarantine for a few more days. Cardinals-Cubs match is their next scheduled series, in St. Louis on Friday.

This second reported outbreak questions if the season should continue amid the coronavirus pandemic. Miami Marlins announced coronavirus outbreak within their team, including four players that tested positive for the disease.  Marlins-Phillies proceeded as scheduled, despite the positive diagnosis.

This adds more pressure on Rob Manfred, MLB Commissioner. Manfred said cancellation is not an option unless a team becomes “completely non-competitive” because of the disease outbreak.

The commissioner is reported considering the cancellation of the season, in a conversation with Tony Clark, Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) leader. Manfred reminded the union leader about implemented protocols for management of disease transmission, says non-compliance could shut down the season.

On Saturday, the commissioner backtracked and announced, “we are playing,” and that he is “not a quitter.” This official statement released indicates that the season will continue, despite changes in schedules as the coronavirus continues to spread.

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