Mobile Morgue Storing Drug War Corpses Angers Mexicans


  • The surging number of corpses from Mexico’s drug war has overwhelmed Mexico’s morgues, causing authorities to resort to a ‘mobile morgue,’ a refrigerated container truck that was recently parked next to houses, angering residents.
  • An official at the office it was moved to has stated that about 150 bodies were stored in the truck’s container.
  • Jalisco’s general secretary Roberto Lopez told local media that they were preparing a new facility to house the bodies as soon as it is completed, which will be in a month and a half.

Mounting murders from Mexico’s drug war has led authorities in western Mexico to resort to store corpses in a refrigerated container truck, which in recent days has been parked in several towns, angering residents.

The semi-trailer truck was first noticed last week in a warehouse at the suburb of of Duraznera in Mexico’s second largest city Guadalajara, drawing the ire of mayor Maria Elena Limon, who said it was illegally parked, and demanded it be taken away.

According to a local Facebook group made up of truck drivers called “The Owners of the Road”, the container had been moved on Saturday to a large field further from the city, where neighbors complained it was emitting a powerful stench.

Mexican newspapers showed images of the truck parked near houses.

Patricia Jimenez, a resident of the small town of Tlajomulco, called the truck a health hazard, saying, “This affects our kids, it smells horrible and the longer it stays it’s going to stink even worse.”

Following complaints, authorities moved it on Monday to a warehouse near Jalisco state prosecutor’s office in Guadalajara. An official at the office stated that about 150 bodies were stored in the truck’s container.

Like other parts of Mexico, Jalisco — home to one of Mexico’s most violent and powerful drug gangs, Jalisco New Generation Cartel — is suffering from a crime wave with a record 31,000 homicides in 2017.

Jalisco’s general secretary Roberto Lopez told local media that as the number of deaths has overwhelmed the state’s morgue, a new facility is being built to hold 700 bodies in its first phase.

Lopez assured that when the new facility is completed, which is in a month and a half, “these bodies will be transferred.”

Lopez also acknowledged on Monday that the use of the truck showed a lack of respect, and promised to launch an investigation. On his Twitter account, he wrote that the government “will not tolerate displays of indifference or laziness.”

According to Mexican media reports, Lopez stated that the bodies were of unidentified victims of organized crime.

While officials have not yet announced an official count, the Mexican media has reported that the mobile morgue held 157 bodies.

Source: Reuters


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