Modern Family: Former Dallas Cowboy Jeff Rohrer Lives Together with His New Husband, Ex-Wife, and Children


  • Former Dallas Cowboy Jeff Rohrer has redefined the concept of the modern family as he lives together with his new husband, his ex-wife, and their two teenage children.
  • Jeff’s ex-wife Heather explained that they ‘choose to live this way’ for the sake of their kids.
  • Most people may find their living situation unusual, but the family members are all happy with how it turned out.

Former Dallas Cowboy Jeff Rohrer has given a new definition to the modern family.

The retired NFL line-backer currently lives in Los Angeles, California, with his new husband, his ex-wife, and their two teenage children.

The unconventional family revealed their living arrangements in People magazine on Wednesday.

Jeff’s ex-wife, Heather Rohrer, states, “It’s been difficult to get to this place, but it’s worth it.”

Jeff and Heather ended their 17-year marriage back in 2011 and lived separately. After two years, they decided to move back in together for the benefit of their children, the now 16-year-old Isabella and 15-year-old Dondillon.

When 60-year-old Jeff got engaged to 37-year-old celebrity aesthetician Joshua Ross, he started living together with them too.

Jeff recounted how he had been struggling with his sexuality for years, but it all became clear after he left the NFL. After he came to terms with being gay, he and Heather split up.

In November 2018, just days before his wedding to Ross, he came out in the New York Times as the “first known NFL player to marry a man.”

Rohrer professed at the time, “I’m sure there’s going to be some people out there who have a negative reaction to this, and I’m fine with it.”

His children are both fine with their unusual living situation.

Heather is also happy with how it all turned out. She explains, “We’re choosing to live this way now because we love our kids so much. But we’ve decided we may all live together forever.”


Source: New York Post

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