Mom found 2-year-old daughter with condom in her mouth at McDonald’s


  • A mom from Queensland, Australia was disgusted to find her daughter sucking on a condom and tried to blow it up like a balloon.
  • Allegedly, the condom was found by the two-year-old girl in the playground of a local McDonald’s.
  • It was not determined whether or not the condom had been used.

A mother from Queensland, Australia allegedly found her young daughter with a condom in her mouth while they were at a local McDonald’s, according to the Courier Mail.

The mom, identified only by her first name Annie, said she and her daughter went to a McDonald’s in Queensland. The 2-year-old went off to the fastfood chain’s outdoor play area. After about 15 minutes, she came back to show her mother ‘something’ she had found.

“She said ‘Mommy, look!’ and then put it in her mouth. I was like ‘Oh!’ and smacked it out of her hand and it went underneath the table,” Annie told the news outlet.

The little girl thought the condom was a balloon. She also told her mom that it was unpackaged when it was found. Annie immediately notified the restaurant’s staff about it. The crew reportedly apologized but told her that someone may have left it in the play area as a joke.

“I said, ‘Joke or not, my kid’s just had it in her mouth. I don’t know where it’s been.'” the woman said. “I literally left all my meal on the table and I said, ‘The condom’s still under the table in the restaurant.'”

A spokesperson  from McDonald’s issued a statement to Daily Mail Australia, saying an investigation into the incident found that it was nothing more “than some kids playing around.”

“Regardless, we apologize this customer had this experience and hope to welcome them in our restaurants again soon,” the statement continued.

Just weeks before, a similar incident happened at a McDonald’s in Warnbro. A woman reportedly named Wendy said her husband found their daughter sucking on what appeared to be a used condom in the restaurant’s main dining area. According to the couple, they were considering legal action against the restaurant.


Source: AOL

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