Mom’s suffered from anorexia after botched bariatric surgery


  • Rachel Layou underwent gastric sleeve surgery in 2015 to help bring down her weight.
  • Her obesity made it difficult to care for her kids and at her heaviest, she weighed over 330 pounds.
  • However, the surgeon botched the procedure, making her stomach too small and causing her to become anorexic.

In 2011, Rachel Layou of Texas gave birth to her fourth child, then developed diabetes that “got out of control.” The now 43-year-old said that her medication didn’t help control her condition and she “gained an enormous amount of weight.”

Despite trying everything, her weight only seemed to increase and she weighed over 330 pounds at her heaviest. Her obesity made it hard to take care of her kids.

In 2015, Layou’s doctor recommended that she undergo a gastric sleeve operation. However, she ended up in the hospital just a few days after the surgery with unbearable abdominal pain and a high fever. Allegedly, the surgeon messed up during the procedure and made Layou’s stomach too small, leading to its contents leaking out.

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The mistake couldn’t be corrected then and she spent nearly two months in the hospital.

According to the Mayo Clinic, to help patients lose weight, they undergo Bariatric surgeries which reduce the stomach’s capacity for food by sealing a portion of it or decreasing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Post-op, Layou’s stomach was so small, she couldn’t swallow anything, not even water or her own saliva. The hospital needed to insert a feeding tube with a line straight to her heart in order to keep her alive.

For three years, she still couldn’t swallow and she watched her weight crash down to just 84 pounds. Layou said she became anorexic and her body was “shutting down”. She was put in a nursing home and came close to death many times.

She finally underwent a corrective procedure in January 2019 despite the significant risk of dying if the surgery failed. Fortunately, the operation was a success, and Layou now has a healthy weight of 140 pounds, though she has to exercise caution because “one spoonful too many” could make her sick for the day.

Source: New York Post

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