Mom’s Tanning Addiction Led To Amputated Ears


  • A U.K. mother began her addiction in tanning when she was still a teenager. Frequently going on a sunbed because of it being quick, and having faster results.
  • She eventually developed stage 3 melanoma cancer and had to undergo operations and various treatments.
  • She had to have her left ear amputated to further prevent the spread of cancer.

Anthea Smith, a 44-year-old mother of two from the U.K. shared her experience of having to cut her ear off, because of cancer that was developed through using a tanning bed.

Photo Credit: Kennedy News and Media

The habit of tanning started when she was in her teens. She said, “I was addicted to having a tan, to being tanned,” she said. “Predominantly it was sunbeds because it was quicker, and the results were faster.”

Fast forward to 2014, she noticed an unusual growth in her ear. At first, the doctor thought it was just a wart. But when it turned into a brown and black mass that spread and bled when she touches it, that changed everything.

In 2015, she was diagnosed to have stage 3 melanoma. That type of cancer is an aggressive one, leading her to undergo two operations, and numerous treatments so it won’t spread to other parts of her body any further.

In an interview with BBC, Smith said, “I lost my left ear to my tanning addiction. [My] whole left ear has been amputated, and then [in a] second operation I had my whole inner ear, middle ear, all my salivary glands on my left side, all my lymph nodes. Full temple bone taken from my skull”.

She felt guilty to her husband and children because what happened to her was “self-inflicted with no knowledge of the dangers”. 

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