“Murder hornet” kills mouse in video, cementing their deadly reputation


  •  A video of a giant hornet stinging and killing a mouse resurfaced on the internet.
  • The “murder hornets” have a sting that can dissolve human flesh and even kill a person.
  • The terrifying insects are projected to reach New York in the next 2-3 years and threaten the US’s honeybee population.

If news of giant Asian hornets first showing up in Washington in December didn’t concern you enough, just know that their stinger, which can be a quarter-inch long, can dissolve human flesh and kill people.

A video, first posted in 2018, which has resurfaced online solidifies these murder hornets’ dangerous reputation. The clip, which has almost half a million views on YouTube and is a minute-and-a-half long, shows one of these giant hornets wrestling with a mouse on the ground. The insect stings the helpless mammal to death.


Normally residing in the forests of East Asia, these giant hornets are the largest in the world and can grow over 2 inches long. Every year, up to 50 people die in Japan due to their potent stings.

It’s projected that these giant hornets may wing their way to New York in the next two to three years. In Japan, honeybees learned to “cook” Asian giant hornets to death. However, European honeybees in the US haven’t developed a defense mechanism like this. As such, a small number of giant hornets are capable of decimating a honeybee nest in just a few hours.

Humans have to be very warry of these terrifying insects as well. A Tokyo entomologist described to the Smithsonian Magazine that the Asian hornet’s sting feels “like a hot nail being driven into my leg”.

New York Police Department beekeeper Anthony “Tony Bees” Planakis said that killing the hornets is “the worst thing anyone can do”. He added that the venom could be like a “magnet to other hornets” and can attract the rest of the hive.

Source: New York Post

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