Mysterious Object From Deep-Space Sends Radio Signals to Earth Every 16 Days, Researchers Still Confused


    • I cannot believe the comment made above that this signal might not be from aliens ( another possible intelligent life form – my words) as they would no better than to transmit in this way. That to me, as an engineer, the most unprofessional comment made by someone. How do we have an opinion that the means of possible communication being made by “ some life form” is not reasonable. If we look at the origins of our universe and the time scale of any life form that I believe exists, they MIGHT be just a few tears ahead of us. Or behind by a few years. Let’s face it, we lost about 500,000 years in life development here on earth with the disastrous loss of our dinosaur population. We literally as a life form, had to start over.

  • This is an intergalactic SOS signal, but from so far away the senders have in all likelyhood passed away long ago unless they have some great suspended stasis field to keep them viable but doubtful. Too bad.

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