NASCAR racer Kyle Larson booted out of the team due to racial insult


  • Kyle Larson got fired from his team after dropping the n-word during a live stream virtual iRacing event on Sunday.
  • Major sponsors also have withdrawn support from Larson following his offensive comment.
  • Larson apologized via Twitter, saying the damage he did may no longer be repairable. 

On Sunday, NASCAR driver Kyle Larson was fired from the Chip Ganassi Racing team following his remarks using an n-word during a virtual racing event.

The racing association confirmed the news via Twitter on Tuesday.

In its statement, Chip Ganassi Racing said that the organization decided to part ways with driver Kyle Larson, after serious deliberation. The team emphasized that the remarks that Kyle made were both insulting and intolerable, noting that the association has values to take care of.

During live streaming via Twitch,

featuring the iRacing tournament on Sunday, Larson was heard and recorded dropping the racist slur.

At once instance, in the virtual racing event, Larson appeared to had a connection problem and was heard saying that he can’t see and hear other participants and remarked hey n—-r.

Another person who was also a participant on the live stream told Kyle that he was addressing everyone.

Initially, Chip Ganassi Racing announced that they are to suspend Larson without pay, and the decision to terminate him came on Tuesday, nonetheless.

The association further noted the course of action was the appropriate thing to do after evaluation with all relevant parties were conducted.

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old driver, Larson, was also dismissed from his major sponsors, such as Credit One Bank and McDonald’s.  On Monday, NASCAR also suspended him because of his racial insult.

NASCAR said on a statement that the organization prioritizes inclusion and diversity, and it will not, in any way, allow the insults made by Kyle Larson during the virtual iRacing event last Sunday. The auto racing company also noted that its rules and guidelines for members are made very clear, and the association is to enforce such regulations.

Larson made his public apology through a Twitter video message and said he was very sorry to the African American community, NASCAR community and partners, family, and friends.

The professional stock car racing driver also admitted in his tweet that he made a mistake and dropped an offensive word, further noting that what he did was inexcusable.

Larson also made it clear how sorry he was, and fully understands the repercussions of his action.

Source: CNN

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